Ault’s Rug Hooking Equipment Company-Free Shipping Deal

For the first week of October we are featuring FREE shipping on any orders over $40.00 that are phoned in (419-347-9957)and paid with a credit card. Please mention this post to qualify for the free shipping deal.

We are getting ready to vend at the “Hooked In The Valley” fiber arts show on October 13 and 14, 2017. It is at Pine Tree Barn, near Wooster, Ohio. For more details email Kathy Graybill at .

We will bring all of the equipment we manufacture here in Shelby, Ohio, to the show. This includes our famous roller frames, floor stands, hooks, the Ault strip cutting machine, three sizes of Proddy Frames, Fraser cutter heads, our Ault Cutter Heads for Rigby Model D, H and C machines in sizes 5,6,8 and 3/8 wide cut, drop-in cutter cartridges for the Ault and Townsend machines, used and reconditioned Fraser and Rigby machines and more. We also sell Howard Brush Gripper Strip if you have a woodworker ready to build a frame for you.

We know this is the time of year when quite a few new rug hookers are getting started so we will feature great low prices on Rigby and Fraser used and reconditioned machines. Some new hookers are leary of spending big money on a new machine when they are not sure if they will like the hobby. Our reconditioned machines are the perfect answer to the Big Money problem.

If you need to ask questions about our equipment, just call us during daylight hours at 419-347-9957.

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Need Rigby Cutter Heads Resharpened? How About Today?

For years I have been asked whether I can sharpen used Rigby cutter heads. I have always said “No”. But now the answer is “YES”. Yes, we can bring your old, worn Rigby Cutter Heads back to life. We now have the tooling needed to get your cutter heads back into like-new condition. And, this will save you some cash verses purchasing new cutters.

We will resharpen any size Rigby cutter head for you and do it within two days of your equipment arriving in our shop. We charge $37.50 per cutter head to sharpen your Rigby Cutter Heads. You get your own cutter head back in the mail in just a few days, not months.

So, how do you get the sharpening done? I’m glad you asked. Here is the 7-step procedure to follow.

1. Wrap your cutters individually in bubble wrap or some other protection material.
2. Package them up. You can use USPS Flat Rate Small packaging for about $7.50.
3. Insert a piece of paper with your name, mailing address and phone number. I will use that info when I send your shipment back to you in a day or two.
4. Address your package to me at: Larry Ault, 21 River Bend Drive, Shelby, OH 44875.
5 Insert a check for $37.50 (includes return shipping to you) for each cutter head you are sending.
6. Apply postage or take it to the PO.
7. Now here is the really great part–about 4-5 days later your own cutter(s) will return to your mailbox in like-new condition. Just install and start cranking.

So, you say “I need some new cutter heads too. OK, we can take care of that in the same box when we return your cutter heads. We have sizes 5,6,8 and 3/8″ On your note to me specify the sizes you need and if you need the matching cleaning finger. Be sure to add $60.00 for each new cutter head and $10.00 for matching cleaning fingers. If you live in Ohio, please add 7% for sales tax.

If you have questions about our sharpening service, please call me at 419-347-9957. We are hoping to get your worn cutter heads back to use in just a few days. Happy Hooking!!


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Wool Fabric Cutting Machines from Ault’s Rug Hooking Equipment Company

If you are looking for a great used fabric cutter, we have some deals for you or someone you know who is looking for a reconditioned machine. We purchase machines that are looking for a new home. Then we clean, service and adjust those machines to work like they did when new. If they need to have new cutter heads installed to work like new, we take care of that. We do not list these machines on our store website at  So, if you want to to talk about our inventory (over 30 various machines), just call me at 419-347-9957.

Here is a partial list of machines we have ready to ship:

Townsend (now Beeline) machine– This was the first one we bought from Townsend and Gloria used it until we built the Ault machine. I recently found it stashed away in her wool room. Priced at $425.00 and includes two sets of feed plates (one set for regular size cutter cartridges and one set to use if you have the longer (Kitmaker) cutter cartridge. We retail new cutter cartridges to fit this machine for $170.00 each.

Fraser 500-1 machines with new or usable cutter head installed-$325.00. They retail new for about $450.00

Rigby Model H (Hooking)-Current version-$275.00. New or used cutter heads possible. We have Rigby cutter heads size 3,4,5,6,8 and 3/8″ available.

Rigby Model D (Double)-current version-$325.00 –this machine holds two cutter heads side-by-side so it is really easy to switch from one to the other.

Rigby Model H-older version-I have several in inventory and want to move them out now. I have these machines priced at $100.00 with various sizes of used cutter heads installed. If you need new cutter heads they are $60.00 each and you will want a matching cleaning finger to fit it -$10.00 each.

Rigby Model C (Combo of rug and braiding) or B (Braiding). Allows you to cut weaving strips up to about 2 inches wide or rug hooking strip sizes. Priced at $195.00.

Shipping for any of the above machines is $20.00 to Continental USA. International shipping is available based on current USPS charges to the country of arrival.

Interested???????????????? Give me a phone call at 419-347-9957

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Up-To-Date Contact Info For Ault’s Rug Hooking Equipment Company

Years ago we decided that a Toll Free phone number for our business was a good idea since it allowed our customers to contact us by phone free-of-charge. Now, with cell phones being all the rage, we have decided to disconnect of toll free phone number. So, to contact us please use the following methods.

First, please call us at 419-347-9957. This is my cell number and I carry my phone at all times during daylight hours. If you call us at other hours or we are on the phone with another customer, please leave a message and we will contact you if you leave your phone number in the message.

Second, you can contact us by email at . We access email several times per day to receive your messages for Ault’s.

Third, we have an active business web site at . You can peruse our store website to see items we stock for sale to rug hooking customers. When you place an order on our store website we get a notice from PayPal stating what you ordered and that your payment to us is ready for us to withdraw.

Fourth, when on our store website ( you can request to receive our email newsletter by using the signup box on the lower left side of the home page. We do not send lots of email newsletters so go ahead and subscribe. I promise not to fill your email inbox with more than 3-4 newsletters per year. You can easily get off of our list at anytime.

Fifth, to arrange an appointment to visit our store just call my cell phone number (419-347-9957).

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For Sale–Original Townsend Fabric Cutting Machine–Looks New

We get lots of requests for used Townsend or Ault Machines. These used machines are “scarce as hens teeth”. Last week we were having trouble with the TV in Gloria’s hooking room. I had to dig around behind and under the TV cabinet. After getting lots of wool out of the way, guess what. I found her original Townsend machine. It is serial number FCA031119.This is the original Townsend machine we got when they first came out. The only reason Glo does not use this machine is because we manufacture the “Ault” machine and it would not look good for her to be using the competition.

I also have a reconditioned size 8 Long, they called them “Kit Maker” cutter cartridge. The Long size 8 cranks a little stiffly but as I recall all the Longs  cranked that way. And, sometimes you need to help the strips come completely apart. I have both sets of in-feed, out-feed plates with the machine so either regular or long cartridges can be used.

The machine body looks and works like it did when new. I have priced the complete set, (the cutter body, both sizes of feed plates, and the used Kit Maker size 8 cutter cartridge) at $525.00 plus $20.00 shipping to continental US. Although the cutter body looks and works like new there is no warranty or refund available on this purchase.

If you are interested in this machine, please call me at 419-347-9957. Do not respond to this post as I may not see your reply.

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Less Expensive Wool Fabric Cutting Machines for Beginners

The Beeline/Townsend and Ault Wool Fabric cutting machines are great and easy to use. But, if you need a less expensive machine, we have some very nice used and reconditioned Fraser and Rigby machines. We take trade-ins when a rug hooker moves up to our Ault machine and we purchase used machines. We always clean, lubricate and re-condition every used machine before we sell it. They work like they did when new when they arrive at your address.

We have several Rigby H and D machines as well as Fraser 500-1 machines ready to ship. To ask questions or place an order, please contact me at 419-347-9957. Machines start at $95.00 and up to $275.00 for newer machines in really nice condition. We have several Rigby Model D machines that come to you with two new cutter heads installed and ready to make strips.

If you want to get one of these re-conditioned machines, don’t wait any longer. They are priced to sell and will work like new. Hope to hear from you soon.

Larry Ault


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Cutter Heads For Rigby Model D and H Machines

Over the last several years we have had many requests for cutter heads and cleaning fingers to fit Rigby Model D and H machines. The supply on the open market has been nearly zero. Here at Ault’s Rug Hooking we now have a supply of several sizes in stock and ready to ship.

We have sizes 5,6,8 and 3/8″ cutter heads and matching cleaning fingers. These are currently the most popular sizes that most rug hookers are looking for. We also have a few slightly used #3 and #4 cutter heads and fingers in stock for those who need cutter heads for the narrower strips.

You can purchase cutter heads and matching cleaning fingers by calling me to place an order. I can be reached at 419-347-9957. New cutter heads retail for $60.00 each and the matching cleaning finger, if you need it, is $10.00 . Shipping is $5.00 for one or two sets. For larger orders I need to calculate the cost. I ship by US Priority Mail to continental USA and welcome International orders. The exact International shipping cost is calculated after you place the order but is in the $10.00 to $15.00 range, depending on your location and the weight of the order.

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Cutter Heads for Rigby Model D and H Machines

I currently have sizes 6 and 8, including the matching cleaning fingers, in stock and ready to ship. I am just days away from also having sizes 5 and 3/8″. You can order any of these sizes now by calling me at 419-347-9957. Cutter heads are $59.95 each and matching cleaning fingers are $10.00 each. Shipping is $4.95 for one or two cutters. For larger quantity shipping, please call me.

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Rigby Cutter Heads-Really Scarce but We Are Making More Sizes


So, you have or know someone else who has a Rigby Model H or D wool fabric cutting machine. And, you want to order some new cutter heads. You have tried to get them from the Rigby Company but have not had much success.

Well, we are working to solve your problem. We currently have new size 6 and 8 cutter heads and cleaning fingers in stock. AND, today we started on the process of manufacturing two new sizes. We are making the #5 cutter head and cleaning finger combination and the larger size 3/8″ which is a little larger than the #8. The 3/8″ is a very popular size with those who like to hook in the primitive style. ALL sizes are $69.95 per set (cutter head and cleaning finger).

To insure that you get one of these limited machining runs, you can call me (419-347-9957) to place an order for these two new sizes now. We take credit card info over the phone or we can send you a secure PayPal invoice which you can pay from the privacy of your home with most credit cards.

We expect to be able to ship by late February. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get new cutter parts for your Rigby Model H or D. Call Now–Don’t Wait!!!

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So You Got A Gift Card to Lowe’s but Wanted Rug Hooking Equipment

I may be able to help you convert your unused gift card into rug hooking equipment. I’ll take your unused gift card in on trade (oh, what a deal) for our famous Ault’s lift-out, drop-in fabric cutter. Or, maybe you want to get a used fabric cutter but have been afraid to buy one from EBay since you are not sure of its condition. Or, maybe you want a different frame or hook.

If you have a new, unused, gift card I will give you 95% of its face value as trade-in on any of our rug hooking equipment or supplies. I have tons of re-conditioned wool fabric cutting machines that are ready to go to work for you. These machines are priced from $195 to $325.00, depending on brand and model. We clean, lubricate and adjust Fraser and Rigby machines to work just like they did when new.

So, how do you turn your gift card into rug hooking equipment here at Ault’s? Just call me (419-347-9957) to see if I can use your gift card. I might not be interested in a gift card at Victoria’s Secret but then I might be really interested in one from Sears, or Menards or Best Buy or (I think you get the point) Cabela’s.

This gift card trade-in deal is only good until Saturday, January 14th, 2017. After that I guess you will have to use it at Lowe’s for some lumber and duck tape. Call me soon to get in on this opportunity.

Happy New Year from Ault’s Rug Hooking Equipment Co.

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