Ault’s Universal Cutterhead Announcement Due This Week

We expect to have all the details needed to announce the release of our Universal Cutterhead yet this week.  We may also release the latest info available on our Wool Fabric Cutter. We will announce that information here on our blog and we will also use the email newsletter that is available at our web site at . Our Universal cutterhead will also fit Townsend machines that were manufactured prior to the closing of Townsend.

The web site email newsletter is where our most important news releases will be made. To sign up, go to our site mentioned above and then look near the bottom of the page on the left side.

Gloria and I really appreciate the support of rug hookers all over the world. We are one of just a few few stores like ours all over the USA. When you decide to order rug hooking supplies from us, you are supporting a business that favors American Made rug hooking equipment. We build our own frames and floor stands, produce our own hooks right here in our shop and will assemble our new Wool Fabric Cutter and our Universal Cutterhead. We are contracted with a local machinist just down the road to produce our parts and I will assemble the machines and cutterheads you order right here on my work table at the store. 

Please continue to follow our current developments and support our business when you have  needs for rug hooking supplies or wool. Thank you for your support as we move forward with our new fabric cutting equipment.

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2 Responses to Ault’s Universal Cutterhead Announcement Due This Week

  1. Kathy says:

    Hi Larry, there’s no need to reply to me… I just was thinking as I drove home today that since you’ve gone to all this work to develop a new cutter for all of us, if there is any way you can develop a cutter body that is easily transportable to rug camp it would be so hot! Something smaller like that old fashioned Gibbs or Gibson, which ever is the name, but holds the Townsend blades and the blade you’ll be offering. Small, transportable, mobile, that would be a hot item. Thanks for listening, Kathy

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