Cutter Heads For Rigby Model D and H Machines

Over the last several years we have had many requests for cutter heads and cleaning fingers to fit Rigby Model D and H machines. The supply on the open market has been nearly zero. Here at Ault’s Rug Hooking we now have a supply of several sizes in stock and ready to ship.

We have sizes 5,6,8 and 3/8″ cutter heads and matching cleaning fingers. These are currently the most popular sizes that most rug hookers are looking for. We also have a few slightly used #3 and #4 cutter heads and fingers in stock for those who need cutter heads for the narrower strips.

You can purchase cutter heads and matching cleaning fingers by calling me to place an order. I can be reached at 419-347-9957. New cutter heads retail for $60.00 each and the matching cleaning finger, if you need it, is $10.00 . Shipping is $5.00 for one or two sets. For larger orders I need to calculate the cost. I ship by US Priority Mail to continental USA and welcome International orders. The exact International shipping cost is calculated after you place the order but is in the $10.00 to $15.00 range, depending on your location and the weight of the order.

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13 Responses to Cutter Heads For Rigby Model D and H Machines

  1. Dawn Shaw says:

    I have a Rigby D&H cutter. Having recently purchased your #8 & #6 cutter head, do you by any chance have a #7? My #7 cutter head needs to be sharpened or replaced…hoping you can help, this is my favorite cutter head.

    • larry says:

      Hi Dawn–I have a #7 that came off of a machine I took in on trade. It is in really nice condition even though it has some age. I assume you have the #7 cleaning finger. If you want this #7 it is $30.00 plus $5.00 shipping. Please call me at 419-347-9957 if you want to get this blade. I can send you a secure PayPal invoice or you can charge it to your card when we talk by phone.


  2. Nita baker says:

    Do you have a #7 head cutter, and if so how much would it be?

  3. Barbara l. Nelson says:

    Looking for a used #6 and cleaning fingers. Would also like to send in my #4 for sharpening. Also a finger for #4.

  4. KATHY JO DRAKE says:

    Hi Larry, I have several cutting wheels that need sharpened. Do you sharpen these? Some have a slight burr on them that I can feel with my finger. Otherwise, they seem to cut nicely. I would love to have a size #7 if you ever get any in. It’s a great number to cut with for rug punching. The #6 is just a bit too wide to run through the eye of the punch needle. Thank you!

    • larry says:

      Yes, I will be glad to sharpen your Rigby Cutter heads. Please send them to me with a check for $37.50 for each. Please enclose your return mailing address and phone number.

      Larry Ault
      21 River Bend Drive
      Shelby, OH 44875,

    • larry says:

      Yes, we regrind these cutters. Please call me for more details 419-347-9957.


    • larry says:

      Hi Kathy,

      I see you want a size 7 cutter head. This is larger than the 6. Maybe you need the size 5, which is smaller than the 6.
      Pls. call me when you are ready to purchase.419-347-9957

  5. Harold Dykeman says:

    I have used a rigby, MODEL D cutter for several years.
    An EDGE CHIPPED OFF THE #6 head and I need to find a replacement.
    Would you be able toi supple a new head or direct me where one might be found.
    Thank You

  6. larry says:


    Yes, I have new Rigby #6 cutter heads in stock
    and ready to ship. $62,50 plus $7.50 shipping. Please call me to place your order at 419-347-9957.

    Larry Ault
    Ault’s Rug Hooking Equipment Co.

  7. Elaine Eskesen says:

    Hi Larry,

    I need a RIGBY CUTTER blade #6 for model H
    Rigby cutter blade # 8 for model D


  8. larry says:

    Hi Elaine,

    Yes, I have both 6 and 8 cutter heads for your machines. Do you have the matching cleaning fingers? If not, you want those also.

    Please call me at 419-347-9957 to finalize your order with us.

    Thank you!!

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