So You Got A Gift Card to Lowe’s but Wanted Rug Hooking Equipment

I may be able to help you convert your unused gift card into rug hooking equipment. I’ll take your unused gift card in on trade (oh, what a deal) for our famous Ault’s lift-out, drop-in fabric cutter. Or, maybe you want to get a used fabric cutter but have been afraid to buy one from EBay since you are not sure of its condition. Or, maybe you want a different frame or hook.

If you have a new, unused, gift card I will give you 95% of its face value as trade-in on any of our rug hooking equipment or supplies. I have tons of re-conditioned wool fabric cutting machines that are ready to go to work for you. These machines are priced from $195 to $325.00, depending on brand and model. We clean, lubricate and adjust Fraser and Rigby machines to work just like they did when new.

So, how do you turn your gift card into rug hooking equipment here at Ault’s? Just call me (419-347-9957) to see if I can use your gift card. I might not be interested in a gift card at Victoria’s Secret but then I might be really interested in one from Sears, or Menards or Best Buy or (I think you get the point) Cabela’s.

This gift card trade-in deal is only good until Saturday, January 14th, 2017. After that I guess you will have to use it at Lowe’s for some lumber and duck tape. Call me soon to get in on this opportunity.

Happy New Year from Ault’s Rug Hooking Equipment Co.

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