NEW Magnet Rug Hooks Available At Ault’s

Last week we had 100 new rug hook shanks added to our inventory. They are made of steel, not brass, and they are magnetic for those of you who like to put your hook on a magnet to keep it handy. The new magnetic hooks are available in all of our custom turned handle shapes. These magnetic hooks are not on our web site yet but you can call us to order them (419-347-9957). The end of the hook is similar to the Hartman hook. The price is $34.95 plus shipping. The diameter of the shank is 5/16″. We have had these hook shanks coated with black oxide to keep then from rusting. You’ll like their look!!

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  1. Ann henderson says:

    I would like to know if you have a bent hook in size 4mm? I have Gene Shepherd bent hooks size 5 and 6mm. I am now doing a 4 cut and who like a smaller bent hook. I’m new at rug hooking and the bent hook works perfect for me but I think the 5mm is a little too large for the 4 cut.
    Thank you, Ann

    • larry says:

      Hi Ann,

      Our bent hooks are of two kinds. The first one is in a wooden handle and the brass shank is 5/16″ in diameter. I did not convert this to millimeters but I am sure it is larger than you want. However, we do make a bent shaft hook from various sizes of Susan Bates crochet hooks. They are pictured on our web site and are ideal for the kind of hooking you are doing. You can call me to discuss this hook at 419-347-9957, my cell phone. We will be glad to build a hook for you and if it is not what you need you can return it to us for credit.

      Looking forward to hearing back from you soon.

      Larry Ault
      Ault’s Rug Hooking Store

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