November 2011 Special At Ault’s Rug Hooking

WOW!!! Where did October go? Here we are into November already. SO, what is our November Special here in the store? Last month we gave free shipping on the Ault’s Wool Fabric Cutting machine. This month we are back to a fantastic deal on wool.

If you have ever been to our store you know we have a lower level down three steps from the main sales floor. Off of the lower level is a lot of wool off to the right in what I call the “Alcove Room” . There might be 400 yards of ready to cut wool in that room.

Well, here’s the scoop on the Ault’s November Sale. All the wool in the “Alcove Room” is reduced in price to $24.00 per chunk. The chunk we are talking about was one full yard before we washed and dried it. This includes wool in the baskets on the floor and all the wool on the shelving in the Alcove Room. Lots of the wool in the Alcove is darker colors and just right for a lot of background work on your rug.

I know everyone reading this is not able to get to the store. We have many, many customers that have never been here in person. They are our valued web site customers. For those rug hookers we will do our best to select and cut some swatches of colors you are interested in. Just give us a phone call and tell us the colors you need. We’ll send some samples for you to select from.

We can be reached toll free at 866-659-1752 or our cell phone is 419-347-9957.

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