Ault’s Universal Cutterhead Announcement Due This Week

We expect to have all the details needed to announce the release of our Universal Cutterhead yet this week.  We may also release the latest info available on our Wool Fabric Cutter. We will announce that information here on our blog and we will also use the email newsletter that is available at our web site at . Our Universal cutterhead will also fit Townsend machines that were manufactured prior to the closing of Townsend.

The web site email newsletter is where our most important news releases will be made. To sign up, go to our site mentioned above and then look near the bottom of the page on the left side.

Gloria and I really appreciate the support of rug hookers all over the world. We are one of just a few few stores like ours all over the USA. When you decide to order rug hooking supplies from us, you are supporting a business that favors American Made rug hooking equipment. We build our own frames and floor stands, produce our own hooks right here in our shop and will assemble our new Wool Fabric Cutter and our Universal Cutterhead. We are contracted with a local machinist just down the road to produce our parts and I will assemble the machines and cutterheads you order right here on my work table at the store. 

Please continue to follow our current developments and support our business when you have  needs for rug hooking supplies or wool. Thank you for your support as we move forward with our new fabric cutting equipment.

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Cushing Perfection Dyes Being Liquidated at Ault’s

For years we have overdyed wool here at Ault’s. As we move on to the Ault’s Wool Fabric Cutter and Ault’s Universal Cutterhead we are going to stop overdyeing wool.

So, we are selling our entire inventory of Cushing Dye packets. If you are interested, please send an Email to me at Please don’t reply here on the blog.

We are selling all of our Cushing Packets for $2.50 per packet plus shipping. I think we are loosing money at this price but we just want to sell what we have in inventory.

In your email please list the following information:

Your name, address,city, state and zip code. Also, please list the names of the colors you want and how many packets of the color. I’m sure you can see every Perfection color at Cushings web site.

We have 10 to 12 packets of many colors. Soon as we receive your inquiry we will check our inventory and get back to your email address with the details. This is a great opportunity for you to buy packets under the retail price.

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Ault’s Wool Fabric Cutter Details and Update

Earlier on this blog we mentioned that we would soon be announcing details of a wool fabric cutting machine that we are developing. We wanted to wait a while longer before releasing more details but decided that other announcements about a popular wool fabric cutter meant it is time to continue our announcement.

We have spent lots of time researching what is a patent, what can be patented, what fabric cutters are currently patented and when is it too late to get a patent on an item. We appreciate the efforts of our patent lawyers and their advice to us.

We currently have a 100% CNC capable manufacturing firm preparing engineering drawings for the manufacture of  Ault’s Wool Fabric Cutter. Our machine will easily produce reliable cut wool strips similar to other machines currently being used by crafters doing rug hooking.

The cutterhead in our machine has been slightly modified from a popular machine currently being used by rug hookers. It will also fit into Townsend machines  that were purchased prior to the closing of Townsend Industries earlier this year.

We expect to have cutterheads available first, hopefully between Thanksgiving and  Christmas, and then the machine shortly after that. Our cutterheads will be available in sizes most popular with primitive style rug hookers.

If you want to be on our special email list to keep up with our release details, please send us an email with the subject line shown as “Ault’s Wool Fabric Cutter”.

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Vending at Malabar Farm– September 18,2010

Next weekend  (September 17 and 18, 2010) we will be setting up to vend at the “In The Spirit of Friends” show. This is a one-day show from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00p.m. at the Malabar Farm State Park at 4050 Bromfield Road, Lucas, Ohio. There is a $2.00 admission charge.  Vendors of country antiques, hooked rugs and rug hooking equipment, primitive folk art, grungy handmades, will be present. We will be vending wool off the bolt for $18.95 per yard. Our store will be closed both days so come to Malabar Farm to see us.

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Using Our New Web Pages To Place Orders- Here is a TIP on something new.

I had a phone call from one of our customers this week saying she was having trouble placing an order while using our shopping cart. She is a customer that had ordered from us at other times. So, what was the problem?

We recently changed the shopping cart and our web site so that I can manage the site easier. This change means that even our existing customers need to register the first time they place an order on our site. This registering is a one time event and it provides us with your mailing address so that we can send your purchase directly to you.

Hope this change does not give our new and existing customers a problem. Please visit our web site at to check out our new look.

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September Special At Ault’s-Free Shipping

During the balance of September 2010 we are offering free shipping on Fraser 500-1 machines when you order at least one additional cutterhead and mention the blog. This is a savings of $15.00. To take advantage of this FREE shipping deal you need to call our toll free number at 866-659-1752. The shopping cart cannot handle the details of free shipping.

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Something New Coming to Ault’s This Fall

What a surprize when a major wool fabric cutter company announced the closing of their business back in June. Many rug hookers scrambled to get the cutterheads they needed to supplement their cutterhead supply. We had hundreds of calls asking about the availability of the cutterheads and the machine.

Since then we have been busy determining how we can need the needs of our customers and other rug hooking enthusiasts. Soon we will be announcing our solution to the problem. Remember, when the crisis occured we suggested not to panic because someone would eventually pick up the challenge of supplying a machine and cutterhead. That time is drawing near. Please keep watching our blog for an important announcement coming soon!!

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How You can Contact Us At Ault’s

Even though we have been around for quite a few years, some people have trouble remembering how to contact us. So, here is a summary of how to find Ault’s Rug Hooking Store.

Owners: Larry & Gloria Ault

Location: 49 East Main Street, Shelby, OH 44875

Current Store Hours: Thursday and Friday, 12-4:00, Saturday 11-4:00, other times by appointment

Phones: Cell (Larry)419-347-9957, (Gloria) 419-295-5028, Toll Free 866-659-1752

Web site:


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The “Been Here Too Long” Sale at Ault’s

We are placing some very nice wools on sale here at Ault’s. Gloria just loves to buy all the new patterns. Sometimes every yard she gets sells out quickly. Other times they sell slower. We currently have some wools that will  be great in rugs but they have been here a little to long. By discounting the price on these wools we can move them out of inventory and replace them with the latest wool from the woollen mills.

We know how difficult it is to sell wool “sight unseen ” so we have made up a swatch kit of all the wools we have discounted. You can order the swatch kit by calling us Toll Free at 866-659-1752. The cost of the kit is $5.00, which includes shipping to you.

OH! Better tell you the price of the wool. This wool is on the bolt and has not been fulled so you can process it your way. The minimum piece size is one yard. The price is $18.95 per yard.  We do not accept returns on sale items.

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You’ll Notice Some Changes On Our Web Site At

As of a few days ago our web site changed a little. There are some new graphics and the shopping cart looks different than the other one we used.  You will find little summaries and pictures of the items we have on the web site. Just click on the summary and you’ll be taken to the full text and picture and there you can place your order. We charge sales tax for orders sold to addresses in Ohio. The shipping charge is calculated after you place your last order. As always, if your order is not available for shipment the next day, we will send you an email to alert you of any delay in shipping.

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