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Gloria and Larry Ault

49 East Main Street

Shelby, Ohio 44875

Phone 567-844-0602

Toll Free 866-659-1752

Cell Phone 419-347-9957

We opened the rug hooking store in Shelby Ohio for business in 1998. Our rug hooking store was nestled into a wooded area near our home. In early 2008 we moved to to our downtown Shelby location at 49 East Main Street. When you visit the rug hooking store in-person we are here to greet you. If you visit our hooked rug and rug hooking supplies store on-line, we are still here to help you in our friendly way. Both of us had hobbies while we were employed in the banking and educations fields. Upon retirement we decided to turn the rug hooking hobby into a business. We specialize in rug hooking, rug hooking frames, wool cloth cutters, wool, rug hooking classes and retreats, stained glass, matting & framing of art, custom crafted wood items, pens & pencils, letter openers, spoon & bowl racks, clocks and other items we custom craft to fill a special order.

Life is a Journey

Gloria has a cross stitch in the kitchen that says, “Life is a journey,not a destination.” Because we are not in a mall or strip plaza development we are both an enjoyable journey and a great destination for Rug Hookers. Make our shop a destination some time. You won’t be disappointed!

28 Responses to About Us

  1. Bonnie Leslie says:

    I ordered a 8.5 cutter head that would be compatible with my Townsend cutter on November 28. Can you tell me when this will be available? Bonnie

  2. larry says:

    I am not at the store now but we expect to ship the first 16 next week. I’m not sure if you are in the first 16.


  3. kathy marek says:

    I ordered a cutter cartridge 8.5 on Nov 11, do you know when I will be getting it?
    Thank You

  4. Connie Phelps says:

    Hi, I was talking with Robin and Barbara at The Wooley Fox and they recommended your cutter. I just started rug hooking in October of 2011 and bought a used Rigby “D” from my teachers. I think I would like one of yours and wondered if you could give me any information. Thank you.

    • larry says:

      Hi Connie,

      Sorry to have taken so long to reply to your request for info on our Ault’s Wool Fabric Cutter. But, here it is. We manufacture and assemble all the parts in our local community. All American Made!! The machine is $399.95 which includes one cutter head of your size choice (sizes 4-10 including 8.5 and 9.5, but we are currently out of parts for the size 4). Shipping is $15.00 if you order by phone (toll free 866-659-1752 or cell 419-347-9957) or $20.00 if ordered through the web site. Additional cutter heads are $124.95 each. This is a drop-in, lift out cutter head machine so it is very easy to change the cutter heads. No wrench required. The machine clamps onto the edge of a flat surface.

      Hope to hear back from you again soon.

      Larry Ault

  5. kristina says:

    Hello, Aults,

    I am looking to buy 3 (just three!) 8mm rug hooking shanks (just the shanks). I have a friend who wants to make me (and two friends) a hook with an exotic wood. Do you have any you would sell? If not, can you tell me if you know a supplier? I live in NH.

    Thanks so much! Kris

    • larry says:

      Hi Kris,

      Sorry I have taken so long to reply. Yes, I do retail hook shanks for $16.00 each. Please call me at 419-347-9957 if you need further info.


  6. Karen says:

    I’ve looked all over your site and can’t find anywhere the hours that you’re open. I live in the Columbus area. And, would very much like to come visit you. What hours are you normally open? And, what hours will you be open on your Big Sale Day?

    • larry says:

      HI KAREN
      Our normal hours are Thursday and Friday 1-4:00 and Saturday 10-2:00. But we will be closed the next two Thursdays for medical office visits.


    • larry says:

      Our open hours are Thursday and Friday from 1-4:00 and Saturday 10-2:00. We are available other hours by appointment.


  7. diana mcmichen says:

    please add to your e-mail

  8. pat sims says:

    does anyone sharpen fraser cutter blades in the USA or does my student need to buy a new blade?

  9. Linda. M says:

    Are you still in business?

    • larry says:

      Hi Linda,

      Sorry for the delay in answering. Yes, I have used, reconditioned wool fabric cutting machines in stock Price range is between $190.00 and $325.00. I have reconditioned and cleaned these machines

      Larry Ault

  10. Linda. M says:

    Looking for a fabric cutter I am fairly new at this hobby needless used is better than new Linda

  11. Judy Hogan says:

    Hello, I’m looking for blades for a rigby cutter. Can you help me? Thank you

  12. Joanne VW says:

    Hi! I have one of your fabric cutters which I love. Do you have portable stands for these cutters?
    Joanne VW

  13. Diane Parks says:

    Do you still sell the gripper strips? If so, I would like to order 1-40″ strip. Thank you! Diane Parks

  14. Laura Marquardt says:

    Hello. I have a Rigby Model D that I purchased in the 1970’s. I started using it again and I find that the cutters are slipping as I wind the handle. It is making a crunching noise as I wind away. I tried to tighten the pressure, but it still slips and crunches louder. Got any ideas what is going on? Can this be repaired? thanks for any info.

    • larry says:

      I hope you received my reply earlier but if not, I think you have a dull blade. This causes you to apply more pressure to get the wool cut through. Over ti9ghtened makes the machine make strange noises. I can sharpen your blade for $37.50.

      Please call me at 419347-9957 to discuss details of getting a new cutter head or getting your old one sharpened.

  15. larry says:

    Noise usually means too much pressure on the cutter head. And, it sounds like your cutter head may be dull. I can sharpen for $37.50.
    What size cutter are you using and if it is a size 8 or larger does it have a rubber o-ring on the cutter?


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