#2 Cutter Cartridges for Townsend, BeeLine and Ault Fabric cutters

Maybe you heard or noticed we are making a one-time run of parts for #2 Cutter Cartridges. They will fit Townsend, BeeLine, and Ault machines. We expect to ship about July 1, 2019, or before. If you have not ordered from Diana Kerns,(Mason Dixon rug hookers group) or me (419-347-9957), please don’t wait any longer to order.

Once the production run is started we cannot change the number of cartridges we need to make. The cost of these special run cartridges is $250.00 and you must pay for your order now to qualify to get one of these very scarce items when they are ready to ship. Thank you to Diana Kerns for all of her efforts to help us get this done for rug hookers!!!

p.s. Shipping is $8.00 to continental USA and actual cost for International orders.

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