Attention Rigby Machine Owners- New Cutter Heads Now Available

Most of you know how difficult it has been to get new Rigby Cutter Heads. Difficult for a long time and now I believe they are out of business. So, when you have an opportunity to get new cutter heads, jump on it. We currently have our Ault’s sizes 5,6,8 and 3/8″ heads and cleaning fingers in stock and ready to ship. They fit Rigby H, D and C machines.

Now here’s the deal on getting the 1/2″ cutter head and cleaning finger. Lots of Primitive Rug Hookers have asked about this size. We are going to help you save money ($6.50) on the 1/2″ parts. Here’s how you proceed and save a few dollars. This also helps me get an idea of about how many to have made.

I have a GoFundMe account set up for you to use while ordering these parts. Please help me fund the initial machine work by giving my GoFundMe Account an order, via your donation. Your out-of-pocket cost is $75.00 to donate to the fund. And for that, you will get a brand new cutter head and cleaning finger from us as soon as we have them in stock. You will be saving $6.50 with each GoFundMe deposit you make.

This is probably a one-time deal to get this wide strip cutter head for your Rigby H, D or C machine. So, don’t let this deal slip away without ordering from the following address:

Thank you for participating!! Please help me spread the word about the 1/2″ cutters by telling others who have a Rigby machine about the GoFundMe account.

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4 Responses to Attention Rigby Machine Owners- New Cutter Heads Now Available

  1. Betty Gill says:

    I have a question? How do you tell the different models apart.? There isn’t a label on the one I have.

  2. Debbie Ballard says:

    What are the fingers for with a Rigby cutter.? How do you use them? I have an old one

    • larry says:

      Hi Debbie,

      The cleaning fingers for Rigby machines keep the cut strip of wool from wrapping around the cutter head. Each cutter head has a matching cleaning finger. It slips over the back of the top plate and meshes with the cutter head.

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