Ault’s Rug Hooking Equipment Co. –Mid June Newsletter

Summer is a slower time for Ault’s since many rug hookers also have outside hobbies. Yes, things are a little slow here. So, here are some updates about things happening here.


Kit Maker Cutter Cartridges Available- I have two used Long cartridges for the Beeline and Townsend machines. These are used but still operate nicely. If you need to cut lots of strips, these will help you get cutting done faster. I have sizes 8L and 9.5L. These are available for your choice at $250.00 each or get the pair for $475.00.  Shipping is $10.00. I am selling them “AS IS”, no refund.


Proddy Frames-We have three sizes of proddy frames. If you are interested in these frames, please call me to discuss pricing and shipping (419-347-9957)


Bent Hooks- We have bent hooks for those rug hookers who are suffering from arthritis or other arm and wrist conditions. $40.00 plus $5.00 shipping.


Ault’s Wool Fabric Cutting Machines- Our machine body retails for $305 (shipping $20.00) and that includes a nice carrying case. Our cutter cartridges are $175.00 each ( shipping $10.00) and fit our machine as well as Townsend and Beeline models.


Used Wool Cutting Machines- We have a nice supply of Fraser and Rigby machines priced very reasonably from $125.00 to $325, depending on make, model and cutter head condition. Please call (419-347-9957) for details. These machines have been reconditioned and operate like they did when new.


Does you cutting machine need some repair or adjustment? We recondition Rigby and Fraser machines for $45.00 (return shipping $15.00). If it needs parts, they are extra. Please call for shipping and payment details (419-347-9957).


Do you need a sign? We custom design routed signs from wood and man-made materials. Call if you’d like to discuss pricing and design.


Our toll-free phone number is no longer operational. Reach us at 419-347-9957. Or, call  us for an appointment to come to the workshop. We no longer sell wool or patterns–just equipment.

More later,

Larry Ault




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