Ault’s Rug Hooking Equipment Company–June 2018 Newsletter

Cut Loads of hooking strips in NO Time-well almost !!!

We have a supply of dies for cutting rug hooking strips. These dies are 6 inches wide and work in the Sizzix Big Shot Plus machine. We stock the machine in limited numbers and occasionally see the machine on the internet for less than we retail it for. So, it pays to check around to see if you can find a deal on the machine. 

With our Sizzix dies you cut around 20 strips at a time and you can cut strips up to about 50 inches long, depending on how you fold the wool and place it on the die. Our supply currently consists of the Big Shot Plus Machine-($160.00), dies size 6, 8 and 9 ($199.00) and if you need the pressure plates (you do unless you already have the appropriate size of pressure plate for the 25″ die) ($29.99).

Please call me at 419-347-9957 if you are interested in knowing more about this cutting system.

Townsend Kit Maker Cutter Cartridges

I have two used Kit Maker cutter cartridges in stock. They were made by Townsend and fit the Townsend or BeeLine machines. I have sizes 8L and 9.5L. I also have the matching cutting plates needed to make these cutter cartridges work in your machine. Each one is $199.95 plus shipping with the cutter plates. I am selling these but cannot make a refund if you decide they are not for you.

Ault’s Roller Frames

For years we have built frames for rug hooking. We make three sizes, 11 by 14″, 15 by 22″, another one that is about 15 by 27″. Our frames are different than most others since two sides of our frame are moveable and allow the hooker to easily mount or remove the background fabric. Shipping is $20.00 each. 

11 by 14″ Roller Frame $159.95

15 by 22″ Favorite Roller Frame $189.95

15 by 27″ Large Roller Frame $209.95

We also manufacture a floor stand that accepts any of our three sizes of frames. $124.95 plus shipping.

Parts for Rigby Models D and H

We manufacture popular sizes of cutter heads and cleaning fingers for Rigby machines. We stock sizes 5,6,8 and 3/8″ cutters and matching cleaning fingers. They retail for $60.00 each and matching cleaning fingers are $12.00. Shipping is $7.50 per order.

Sharpening cutter heads for your Rigby Machine

We resharpen worn Rigby cutter heads for $37.50 per cutter. Call me (419-347-9957) for shipping and payment details.

More Later!!

Contact info: Larry Ault, 419-347-9957,,


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