Ault’s Rug Hooking Newsletter for May, 2018

We know there are still lots of rug hookers who use the Rigby Models H and D.

We manufacture and sell new cutter heads (sizes 5,6,8,and 3/8″)that fit Rigby Model H and D machines. Pictured above are sizes 5,6,8, and 3/8″ cutters with the matching cleaning fingers.Cutters are $60.00 and cleaning fingers are $10.00. Shipping is $7.50.

We also regrind used cutter heads to get them back into usable condition. The cost to sharpen is $37.50 each. Please call 419-347-9957 for shipping and payment information.

Need a Looks and Operates like new Bliss Machine?

I recently got a Bliss machine in on trade for some rug hooking supplies. The machine needed a thorough overhall so I sent it to Fraser for repair. This machine was re-conditioned with a brand new paint job, a new crank handle and new suction cup feet, and all the adjustments to get back into Like New Condition. This machine is priced right at $349.00, about $75.00 less than a new machine.

Want a really inexpensive cutting machine to start your rug hooking hobby?

We know everyone does not purchase a brand new cutter when they are starting into rug hooking. I tell new hookers they may spend up to $1000.00, depending on what frames, cutters and supplies they start with. Here is a Rigby Model H (older version) that still has years of cutting left in it. I can sell this machine to you(or you can tell a new hooker) for $195.00 with a new 5,6,8 or 3/8″ cutter head installed.

We also have used current versions of the Rigby H ($325.00), Rigby D ($375.00)and Fraser 500-1 ($325.00) machines. Shipping is $15.00.

The cutters shown above fit the Townsend/Beeline machines and cut more strips at a time. Commonly called KIT Maker cutters.

The two cutter cartridges shown above are Kit Maker sizes. They cut extra strips compared to the regular cutter cartridges. One is the size 8L and it cuts 5 strips at a time.  Priced at $250.00. The other is 9.5L. It is $275 and cuts 4 at a time. They also come with the Kit maker Plates that fit the Townsend/Beeline machine. These cutters work fine but I cannot accept a return on either if you decide not to keep them. Shipping is $7.50 for either size or $10.00 for both.

We can be reached by phone at 419-347-9957 or by email at Please do not call the toll free number since it no longer belongs to us.

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4 Responses to Ault’s Rug Hooking Newsletter for May, 2018

  1. Cassie says:

    Hi! I recently acquired my first wool cutter and I figured out it is a Rigby Model H. It is green, red and black just like the one you have pictured above. It does not cut at all. The cutter looks way different from the ones you have pictured. There are rubber washer-type things alongside the cutting blade. Do I just remove those? They don’t seem very easy to remove. I just didn’t want to destroy it. Thanks for you help.

  2. Monica metcalfe says:

    Hello I am trying to purchase a new cutting blade for my Ault 0043 cutting machine number 6 in size , please can you help

  3. LeAnne Anderson says:

    How do find which model I have for a rigby cutter. I inherited one from my husbands Grandmother. All I can find on the machine is a patent number 2.662.598 and Canadian patent number 519846 I would like to be able to buy 1/4 inch cutter heads for it. Any information on the model and if and where I could buy cutter heads is greatly appreciated.

    • larry says:

      Rigby made the H, D, B and C models. It is most likely that you have an H or D. The D has two cutter heads installed and the H only has one cutter head slot. We sell new cutter heads that we manufacture in Ohio. I have sizes 5,6,8 and 3/8″. Also a few reconditioned 3 and 4.

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