Ault’s April Newsletter

Like I have always said, we will not over load your with posts that are too frequent. Here is an update for April, 2018.

  1. We are vending on April 14, 2018, at the hookin at Saline, MI. We have vended there for about 15 years, except for the year I had a broken hip. Over the years our business has evolved from everything you could possibly need for rug hooking to the hooking equipment specialty we now have. The store is no more but we are available by appointment to demonstrate and sell our wares. No wool, no patterns, etc., just equipment. If there is a piece of equipment you need and you are going to the April 14 Hookin, please contact me in the next few days and I will bring whatever it is you need. You save on shipping.
  2. What is our most popular equipment item. Surprisingly, it is used wool strip cutting machines. These are Fraser© or Rigby© machines that I have reconditioned to work like they did when new. These machines are quite popular with rug hookers who are just starting and don’t want to pay a lot for a new machine. Of course, we like to sell our own Ault’s© Wool Fabric cutting machines but that is not always in the picture for starting hookers. Used machines ready to cut wool when they arrive range from $125.00 to $325.00 depending on age and model.
  3. At the April 14 show we are announcing our dies for cutting multiple, long strips of wool. These dies are ready to crank through a Sizzix© machine. We have sizes 6,8, & 9 available now and ready for shipment to you for under $200.00. Call for details at 419-347-9957.
  4. We sharpen cutter heads (mostly Rigby©, but also Fraser©). You can send me your rough cutter heads and in just a few days they will return to you with a nice sharp edge. We charge $37.50 to sharpen, including return postage. Call for details–419-347-9957.
  5. Have you tried to get new Rigby© cutter heads in the past few months? Yes, they have been scarce as hens teeth for years. We now manufacture cutter heads which fit the Rigby Model H and D. We also have the matching cleaning fingers. Cutter heads are $60.00 each and cleaning fingers are $10.00 each. We have sizes 5,6,8 & 3/8″ (some call it a size 9).
  6. That’s all for now(less than 400 words but filled with details). More next month.Contacts for Ault’s are:, and 419-347-9957.
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