Ault’s Rug Hooking Equipment Co. March 2018 Newsletter

After spending 5 weeks in sunny Florida I am back in the store and ready to kick off our spring campaign. Thank you for doing business with us!!

Larry Ault

1.Used and reconditioned Rigby and Fraser Wool Fabric Cutting Machines–We have a nice supply of used machine at competitive prices. $125.00 to $325.00 depending on age, condition, cutter head and Model. Call (419-347-9957) for pricing on a machine that fits your price range.

2. New Cutter heads for Rigby Models H and D– $60.00 each–matching cleaning finger $10.00.

3. Ault’s Wool fabric Cutting Machine-Our price is still $305 for the base unit and drop-in, lift-out cutter cartridges are $175.00.

4. Ault’s Roller Frames–We still have three popular sizes of roller frames for rug hooking. Prices range from $159.95 to $209.95. Matching floor stands are $125.00.

5. Rigby and Fraser machine service– We service, clean, adjust and fix used machines for $45.00 plus return shipping.

6. Proddy Frames–Although the demand is limited, we still build three sizes of Proddy frames. If you want to get started at Proddy you will love our frames in small, medium and large sizes.

7. Our hook supply is growing since I am back to turning handles for the Ault Shank which makes hooking with wider strips a real breeze.

8. Please contact us during daytime hours at 419-347-9957 to discuss any rug hooking needs you have. We no longer carry wool or patterns, just hooking equipment. Visit our web site at for more info.

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