For Sale–Original Townsend Fabric Cutting Machine–Looks New

We get lots of requests for used Townsend or Ault Machines. These used machines are “scarce as hens teeth”. Last week we were having trouble with the TV in Gloria’s hooking room. I had to dig around behind and under the TV cabinet. After getting lots of wool out of the way, guess what. I found her original Townsend machine. It is serial number FCA031119.This is the original Townsend machine we got when they first came out. The only reason Glo does not use this machine is because we manufacture the “Ault” machine and it would not look good for her to be using the competition.

I also have a reconditioned size 8 Long, they called them “Kit Maker” cutter cartridge. The Long size 8 cranks a little stiffly but as I recall all the Longs ¬†cranked that way. And, sometimes you need to help the strips come completely apart. I have both sets of in-feed, out-feed plates with the machine so either regular or long cartridges can be used.

The machine body looks and works like it did when new. I have priced the complete set, (the cutter body, both sizes of feed plates, and the used Kit Maker size 8 cutter cartridge) at $525.00 plus $20.00 shipping to continental US. Although the cutter body looks and works like new there is no warranty or refund available on this purchase.

If you are interested in this machine, please call me at 419-347-9957. Do not respond to this post as I may not see your reply.

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