Rigby Cutter Heads-Really Scarce but We Are Making More Sizes


So, you have or know someone else who has a Rigby Model H or D wool fabric cutting machine. And, you want to order some new cutter heads. You have tried to get them from the Rigby Company but have not had much success.

Well, we are working to solve your problem. We currently have new size 6 and 8 cutter heads and cleaning fingers in stock. AND, today we started on the process of manufacturing two new sizes. We are making the #5 cutter head and cleaning finger combination and the larger size 3/8″ which is a little larger than the #8. The 3/8″ is a very popular size with those who like to hook in the primitive style. ALL sizes are $69.95 per set (cutter head and cleaning finger).

To insure that you get one of these limited machining runs, you can call me (419-347-9957) to place an order for these two new sizes now. We take credit card info over the phone or we can send you a secure PayPal invoice which you can pay from the privacy of your home with most credit cards.

We expect to be able to ship by late February. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get new cutter parts for your Rigby Model H or D. Call Now–Don’t Wait!!!

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30 Responses to Rigby Cutter Heads-Really Scarce but We Are Making More Sizes

  1. betsy highland says:

    I’m looking for a used cutter. Please send me information on any you have.

  2. Sharon Good says:

    Looking for an umber 5 head for Rigby wool cutter

  3. Carol says:

    how do you replace the cleaning fingers. I took mine apart and can’t figure out how to put them back on.

  4. joann madison says:

    Hi, I am trying to learn rug hooking. I bought an old rigby that is green and red , but do not know where to see the model number. The cutter head is dull and too narrow. I think I want a 5/16th. I hope some of this makes sense to you. Hope you can help me!

    • larry says:

      Hi Joan,
      I have new cutter heads and cleaning fingers for your old green and red Rigby machine.I have sizes 5,6,8 and 3/8″
      They are $70.00 per set. Please call me at 419-347-9957 to place your order.


  5. Jan Conwell says:

    I found a #4 cutter head, but was wondering where in the world to find a cleaning finger for it. Please advise?

    • larry says:

      I have #4 cleaning fingers for the Rigby Cutter head you want. Please call me at 419-347-9957 to place an order. They are $10.00 plus shipping.


  6. Wendy Clark says:

    I just bought a used rigby not realizing I couldn’t get them sharpened ( they really need sharpening) or that I couldn’t purchase new ones for it. Do you sharpen them ? or can I purchase a size 5 and size 6 from you . It is a D model

  7. Karen says:

    I have just come into several Rigby cloth stripping machines and can’t find much information on them. I am interested in making rag rugs.

    Could you please tell me what the models C, D, and H are used for and which size cutter head should be used for making woven rag rugs (not hooked or braided).


  8. Jo Reid says:

    I just purchased a Rigby cutter. I do not know what model it is. The cutting blade has RB1 on it. And I do not have a finger for it.
    What is the finger used for?
    And can I cut regular cotton fabric with this as well?

  9. Deborah Dyer says:

    Do you still sell sets of cutting heads for the rigby model H?
    Do the sets come with fingers too?
    I use to get them in Bridgton , Me but the shop is gone now.

    • larry says:

      HI Deborah,
      Yes, I have new sizes 5,6,8 and 3/8″ cutter heads and cleaning fingers for your Rigby Model H. Please call me at 419-347-9957 to order.

  10. Ruth McLean says:

    I just found a rigby D model with a double blade. Do you sell those anymore? Or can you use it with a single blade?

  11. larry says:

    Hi Ruth,
    I have sizes 5,6,8 and 3/8″. They are $75.00 each size for the cutter head and cleaning finger. I also have re-sharpened 3 and 4 units for $55.00.

    I accept credit card info over the phone so please call me with an order.

    Larry Ault

  12. Rosanne says:

    I am cleaning out my parents home and found a box of rigby cutters and am wondering if they are worth any thing and how I would go about finding someone who would be interested in them. They are all labeled RB1 cutter, Model B.

  13. Rosanne says:

    I am cleaning out my parents home and found a box of rigby cutter. I am wondering if they are of any value and how I go about finding someone who may be interested in them. There at least 20 of them, all labeled RB1, model B.

    • larry says:

      I will be glad to reimburse your cost of shipping them to me.

    • Colleen Creech says:

      I have been looking for RB1 cutter heads, do you still have them and could you let buy them form you. I am a crafter and make rag rugs. I to found Model B cutter with no heads in my late mothers craft supplies

    • Colleen Creech says:

      I would like to know if you still have the 20 or so RB1 cutter heads for the model B unit. Please contact me as I would like to know the condition of them if they are usable.

    • larry says:

      Hello Rosanne,

      Earlier you contacted me about some Rigby RB1 cutter heads you found while at your parents home. Do you still have them, or even a few of them. I am in need of at least 6 but would take less if you have them.

      Please reply or call me at 419-347-9957.

      Thank you!!

    • Colleen Creech says:

      Please contact me about the RB1, model B, Rigby Cutter heads you have found at your parents home. Since you have not replied to my March 26, 2019 e-mail to you, using this blog, I am trying again to make contact with you. I can be reached at (906) 249-3655, it has an answering machine if I not at home. I look forward to hearing from you.

  14. Margaret says:

    Hi, are there heads for a model B that can cut 5/16?
    Thank you

  15. Sharon says:

    Hi Larry, do you have any more of the cleaning fingers for use with the #4 Rigby cutter blade?

    • larry says:

      Hi Sharon,
      YES, I have #4 cleaning fingers. They are $12.50 plus shipping. Please call me at 419-347-9957 to place your order.


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