Pink Rigby Model D with two new cutter heads

Ever notice how much wool fabric cutting machines look alike? If you want one that stands out and is almost guaranteed to never have a duplicate, contact me at Larry.ault@gmail for a photo of a machine you will never confuse for the wrong one. It is a Rigby Model D with two brand new cutter heads and cleaning fingers and it is PINK. Yes, PINK!!! You will love it!! This is a machine that I serviced, cleaned and adjusted and it works just like it did when it was new. Priced at $325.00 plus $15.00 shipping.
If you think this sounds like a great idea but you want yours to be BLUE or GREEN or RED, just let me know. I’ll paint one just for you. Or send me your machine for service, cleaning and a brand new paint job for $75.00 plus return postage. Get a little crazy!! Go PINK or any other color.

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  1. Marianne Newell says:

    Hey Larry, I am brand new to rug hooking and would like to purchase starter supplies. What would you recommend and what do you still have available for sale? I am thinking cutter, frame and hooks. Crafty in Colorado

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