We Take Trade-ins on the Ault’s Wool Fabric Cutting Machine

Are you ready to move up to the newer style of strip cutting machine? Good! We continue to sell our Ault’s Rug Hooking Cutter Machine for $399.95. That includes the machine, a cutter head of your choice and a nifty canvas carrying case. We make sizes 4-10, including 8.5 and 9.5. Extra cutter heads are $124.95 each.

Many rug hookers have a nice older machine but don’t like the work and time it takes to change cutter heads. ¬†Our Ault’s machine is the solution. Easy to use, no wrenches or adjustments needed!!

Here is the solution if you have an older machine. Call us at 419-347-9957 to talk about trading in your old machine for a NEW Ault’s machine. We always have an outlet for your used machines. Beginning rug hookers like to purchase a less expensive machine until they know they are hooked on hooking.

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10 Responses to We Take Trade-ins on the Ault’s Wool Fabric Cutting Machine

  1. Ellen Levanites says:

    I am wondering if you have any used machines available for sale?

    • larry says:

      Yes, I currently have a used Fraser 500 machine in stock. It has some age on it but still works fine. It is $135.00, including shipping to Continental USA. Please reply if you have questions about it. It has a used No.5 cutter head installed and we stock all sizes of Fraser cutter heads if you need another size. New cutter heads are $34.95 each.

      Hope to hear back from you again soon.

      Larry Ault

      • Ellen Levanites says:

        I am interested in purchasing this… You say it has age but works fine… is the cutting head in good order? I would also be interested in purchasing a #8 cutter head.

  2. Karen Wattai says:

    I am looking for a used but reliable fabric cutter. Would you have any available? I’m new at this. Thanks so much!!

    • larry says:

      Hi Karen,

      I do have a Fraser Model 500 machine in stock. It is the older version of the current Model 500-1. It is $129.00 including shipping to Continental USA. It has a size 5 cutter head and we stock every size made by Fraser if you want other sizes of cutter heads. New cutter heads are $34.95 each.

      Hope to hear back from you again soon,
      Larry Ault

  3. Helen says:

    Would you have any used wool cutters for sale, preferably a Fraser. Also do you ship to Nova Scotia, Canade. This is on the east coast.

    • larry says:

      Hello Helen,

      Yes, I have two used Fraser machines now in stock. One is a Fraser 500-1 with a size 8 cutter head. It is two years old and looks brand new. Gently used. It retails for $175.00 plus shipping and I guarantee it to work like new. The other is a Fraser 500 (an older model) for $125.00 and it works like it should but I cannot accept it back if you purchase this one. The main difference between a 500-1 and a 500 is that the 500 does not have two features the 500-1 has but both cut using the same process.Between the two the newer machine is really the best buy. Both machines have been cleaned and adjusted and are ready to cut wool. We stock all sizes of cutter heads for $34.95 if you need additional cutter heads. We will gladly ship to your home address in Canada by US Priority mail and charge you whatever the actual shipping cost, including insurance, is at our post office.

      Hope to hear back from you soon as the newer one will be gone quickly. Please call my cell phone instead of replying to this message. 419-347-9957

      Larry Ault

  4. Helen says:

    Hi Larry
    Do you still have the Fraser 500-1 for sale? If not do you have any cutters for sale?
    Thanks so much

  5. Stephanie says:


    I only just started hooking last month, would love to be able to buy an Ault, but will start with something cheaper. Do you have a used Frasier for sale?

    Thanks a bunch!

  6. Diane E. Elder says:

    Hi Larry, I’m a new commer to wool hooking. I’m from Apache Junction, Az. I’m expcided to learn how to make wool hooked rugs and pillows. I’ve had a few rough years with the passing of a few love once and dear beloved pets. All in a few sad years. I am needing an out let to bring me back around to some sort of sanity. I’ve always been admirer of this art, and here I am……. Looking forward on getting started. What a nice web site , Thanks, Diane ?

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