FREE Rug Hook-In at Ault’s This Saturday

If you like to get together with other rug hookers to work on projects, then this Saturday at Ault’s is for you. Bring a project to work on. Starts around 10:00 a.m. and ends when you are ready to go home. Restaurants close or bring a sack lunch. We are in Shelby, Ohio at 49 East Main Street.

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2 Responses to FREE Rug Hook-In at Ault’s This Saturday

  1. Patti Barkhouse says:

    I’m corresponding from MA. Recently started hooking and love it, however, don’t want to invest in a new wool cutter until I am sure I will continue with the hobby! Do you ever sell used cutters?
    Thanks, Patti

    • larry says:

      I replied a couple of days ago and had an issue sending the reply. So, if you get this twice, please forgive me. I do have an older model Rigby machine with a used size 6 cutter head. I am asking $75.00 plus shipping. If you want a new size 6 or 8 cutter I have those in stock with cleaning fingers. The new cutters are $34.95 and cleaning fingers are $7.50. This machine will get you started to see how much you like hooking. It is old but still produces strips for hooking.

      Hopefully at some time you will want a new machine and we do sell the Fraser 500-1 and our own machine with drop-in, lift-out cutter cartridges. No adjustments or wrenches needed. You can see our web site at .

      I’ll hold the used machine and cutters for you for a week or so. Hope to hear back from you soon.

      cell 419-347-9957

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