Better Than Used Equipment–Great Price

Frequently we take trade ins for our Ault’s Wool Fabric Cutting machine. Recently I took in a Brand New Fraser Bliss machine. Yes, it is in the original box, never used and dated May 2011. Our regular store customers generally want a machine that will also cut strips that are larger than size 8, so we are putting this machine here on our blog to see if there is a reader who wants a brand new Bliss machine at a reduced price of $229.95, including  FREE shipping to continental USA.

If you are interested in this table top machine with a cutter head size of your selection, please call me toll free at 866-659-1752 or my cell phone at 419-347-9957. We can ship by the next business day. 

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  1. Victoria Vinters says:

    Can you send me a picture?
    size 8, cuts 1/4 ?

  2. Melissa Diebert says:

    Hello, I am just getting in to rug hooker and I am looking for a basic cutting machine. Is this machine still available/

    thank you

    • larry says:

      Hi Melissa,

      I currently have a used Fraser 500-1 cloth stripping machine in stock. It has been checked over by me and everything works fine. It has a used size 6 cutter head installed. The price is $159.95 plus $10.00 shipping anywhere in the Continental USA. Additional new cutter heads are $34.95. Hope to hear back from you soon. I probably will not have this machine for very much longer since there is quite a demand for used machines.

      Ault’s Rug Hooking Store
      cell 419-347-9957

  3. Kim miles says:

    Hi Larry
    I have a bliss manual wool cutter and a bliss model that is electric. I have cutter wheels 3 to 9. I am considering getting Townsend cutter
    What type of value do these machines have and would you consider trade in for new Townsend.
    I live in broadview hts Ohio.

  4. Kim miles says:

    Hi Larry
    I have a bliss manual cutter and one electric bliss manual cutter along with wheels 2 to 9. What kind of value do these machines have for resale and do you accept trade in for townsend machines. I live in broadview hts Ohio.
    Thank you
    Kim mikes

  5. kitt richard says:

    I am from Quebec, Canada . I visited your store in October and bought some gripper strip , baskets etc. I have a Rigby cutter and am looking for a #6 and #8 blade for it.
    Would you have something like that r know where to find it?
    Kitt Richard

    • larry says:

      Hi Kitt,

      I have new replacement sizes 6 and 8 cutter heads for Rigby Model H and D machines.

      Hope to hear back from you.

      Larry Ault

    • larry says:

      Hi Kitt,
      Sorry for the delay in answering your post. Yes, I do have Replacement Rigby 6 and 8 cutter heads and can ship immediately. They are $53.00 each and the cleaning fingers, if you need them to match up with your cutter heads, are $10.00 each.


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