Gloria’s Surgery Successful

As many of you know, Gloria has been in lots of pain for months. She underwent spinal cord surgery on the 26th and came home on the 27th. She is pain free now except for the pain caused by the two incisions needed to install a spinal cord stimulator and it’s controller.

Thanks for all of your thoughts and prayers!!!!!

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4 Responses to Gloria’s Surgery Successful

  1. melissa masterson says:

    I am so glad to here that you, Gloria, have some relief from the pain you have been enduring. I said I would be praying for you when I spoke with you at Malabar and I have. You are a bless ed lady and I wish you the best.

    Hope to see you soon in Shelby

  2. Wade Killinger says:

    Thanks for the fast service on the gripper strips, Hope the Mrs is doing well , Wade

  3. Peggy Rice says:

    Thanks for the good news!!
    I am so thankful Gloria’s surgery was successful. What a year you two have had.
    I hope you can get back to enjoying all the things you want to do1
    Love and prayers to you both!

  4. Starr Burgess says:

    Wonderful news your wife is doing well and mostly out of pain… May each day she is feeling better and stronger.

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