Gripper Strips for Rug Hooking Frames

I’ve noticed that lots of rug hookers have a connection to guys that like to do woodworking. We get lots of requests to purchase gripper strip for frames the guys make. Although we also make and sell frames, we are delighted to ship gripper strips to be used on homemade frames.

Here in the shop we use a power nailer to attach the gripper to the frame. I think most guys have figured out how to attach the stripping to suit their needs. We find that putting the gripper strip over a slightly rounded edge opens up the stripping and make it work better than strips that are placed on a flat surface.

We sell strips in any length up to 40″ long. We also custom cut to the size you need if you want us to make customized strips for you. the 40′ Strip sells for $28.95 on our web page listed under the frames section at . To order custom sizes and prices, please call us toll free at 866-659-1752. This number rings on my cell phone so if we are within the range of a cell tower you can call us. If you don’t get an answer please leave a message & I will call you back.

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4 Responses to Gripper Strips for Rug Hooking Frames

  1. Robert A Ferkula says:

    I just ordered 4 ea. 40″ strips from you over the phone. My home address is
    7049 Timberrose Way
    Roseville,Ca. 95747

    Thank you for your quick response, however I did neglect to discuss price and shipping. I saw 28.95 on your web page, I assume that is the price.

  2. Loriann Fell says:

    Hello –

    Wondering if you sell in any shorter length, as I have a small frame and no need for the excess.

    Thank you,

    Loriann Fell

    • larry says:

      Hi Loriann,
      Yes, we do supply gripper strip in whatever lengths you need, up to 40″ long. We cut it to length here in the store. Please call me toll free at 866-659-1752 to place an order.

  3. Barbara says:

    May I have a price for
    2 gripper strips cut to 14″,
    and 2 cut to 15″?
    with postage to Calif. 92308

    Thank you,
    Barbara Shores

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