Health Issues

We have had lots of comments and questions about how I am doing with the recovery from triple broken pelvic and broken hip. I am still on a walker but about reday to get to use a crutch, then a cane and then hopefully normal walking. This has, however, slowed down my shipping of orders. I think I am about caught up on shipping cutter heads and our new Ault’s Wool Facbric Cutter. Should finalize those orders yet this week. Then we hope to get back onto our regular schedule of filling machine orders the week they come in.

On another health note, Gloria goes to Columbus late next week for the trial installation of a neuro-stimulator to see if it helps with her pain issues. Please pray that this procedure helps and that they can soon install the permanent, totally enclosed one.

Big, Big Woolen Sale Coming Soon

We are getting ready to announce a big discount on all of our in-stock woolens. We should have done this weeks ago because the shelving units for holding bolts of wool are full and overflowing.

Please watch this site in about the next 10 days for the announcement.

Ault’s Wool Fabric Cutting Machine and Cutter Heads¬†

Regarding the Ault’s Wool Fabric Cutter machine, we have shipped out over 30 machines and about 75 cutter heads since the first of the year. We plan to be up to date on shipments by this time next week. Then we should be able to fill orders quickly.

FREE Shipping on Fraser Cutter Heads

Here is another price reduction announcement. For a limited number of Fraser cutter heads we will give FREE shipping if you call us toll free at 866-659-1752 by 5/15/2011. We currently have all Fraser sizes in stock. If you need a new or replacement Fraser cutter head, don’t miss this change to save $7.50 shipping. Remember, this deal only applies to called in orders.

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