Larry Ault- Broken Bones From Fall In Parking Lot

Hello All!! This is just a note to alert you of a fall I took two weeks ago. I have broken hip and pelvis bones. I am restricted to getting around the house with a walker and cannot put any weight on my right leg or foot. Expect to be this way for 6 to 7 weeks. This means I am also having trouble getting to the store to ship items or to meet with customers.  And, Gloria is only availbable to wook in the store for a small amount of time because of her back issues. Looks like she may be approved for installation of a spinal cord stimulation device in the next few weeks.

So, what does all this mean?? It means we will continue to accept web site shopping cart orders and we will ship those items as soon as we can get them ready to ship. I have a friend who can do some assembly and packaging of items you order. If you need to come to the store we will gladly set up an appointment to meet you there.

We have also had to cancel our very successful hook-in vending event in Saline, Michigan. We have vended there several years and we really hate to miss this event. But, to vend we need to be able to pack, move, display and sell items. Not too easy to do using a walker.

More later,

Larry Ault

cell 419-347-9957

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  1. Jane Artinian says:

    I am so sorry you fell. What a mess! Good luck recuperating.

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