A Townsend Cutter Head Available from Ault’s

As most of you know we developed our own wool fabric cutting machine. The cutter head that fits our machine also fits existing Townsend machines. Our new machine retails for $399.95 and our cutter heads retail for $124.95. We expect to start shipping machines and more cutter heads yet this month.

We do have a brand new genuine Townsend cutter head in our stockpile of supplies. It is a size 6 and is available from us here at Ault’s. We have checked out the operation of this cutter and find that it works perfectly. However, it was dropped on the floor and has a boo-boo on the corner of the cutter. This has nothing to do with the cutters as they slice your wool.

We do not have this on our web site since it is a price reduced item due to the marred surface. We will ship it for $5.20 postage and sell it for $99.95. This is the only place you will see this deal. To purchase it please call me directly at 419-347-9957 and ask to purchase the marred Townsend No.6 cutter head. Please do not reply to this post thinking you will be able to purchase it this way. Call only to purchase.

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6 Responses to A Townsend Cutter Head Available from Ault’s

  1. Beth Kovich says:

    Hello! I am wondering if the regular blades and the kit blades that you are producing for use in your Ault cutter (and the original Townsend cutter) require a guide platform change when using cutter heads of both types. I bought my Townsend from you and purchased several blades in the standard size before adding the longer “kit” blades that require the wider cutting deck. I switch back and forth a lot and don’t like having to change the fabric feed platform when changing blade types. Has your new design come up with a solution for this? Thanks!

    • larry says:

      Hi Beth,

      We do not make the Kit Maker size of cutter heads and there is no adjustment on the fabric feed platform.

      Hope this answer helps.



  2. Sue says:

    Who handles your hooks ?
    Anyone in Maine or where on line?

  3. Sue says:

    Oops–found it on your web site.
    However, want to hold the hook, so anyone have them in Maine?

    • larry says:

      Hi Sue,

      I’ll be glad to send some hook handle sampled for you to consider. Then you can return the ones you do not want.

      Need your mailing address.

      p.s. I am currently unable to turn additional hooks. I fell and broke my pelvis and hip bones last week. So, I’ll send some samples of what we have in stock to you in a US Priority mail box with a return label and postage.

  4. vicky dickerson says:

    has anyone out there bought the new aults cutter and what do you think of it ?

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