More Questions About The Ault Fabric Cutter

Two more email questions have come in regarding the Ault Fabric Cutter. One lady had seen the picures on the web site and needed to know how our machine attaches to a flat surface. The other rug hooker noticed that the guide plates the wool rests on do not seem to have any adjustment screws. Two great observations!!

The machine attaches to table top, two-step step ladder top level, Ault’s Cutter caddy or other surfaces by tightening the screw mechanism at the very bottom of the machine. It is a natural when you see it in person and very easy to use.

Regarding the front and back guide plates, they are attached directly to the body of the machine. There is no reason to have to adjust them. This is another of the simplifications we build into the Ault Wool Fabric Cutting machine.

Thank you for all the questions and inquiries about Ault’s new machine.

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  1. Donna Lees Bleam says:

    Hi Larry, Have there been any side by side tests of the new blades, versus the old blades? Donna

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