Remember When?

Do you remember the day last summer when you heard Townsend was closing? We received call after call and hundreds of emails from rug hookers wanting to purchase remaining  cutter heads and machines. Gloria and I thought long and strong about getting into the strip machine business. After patent searches and legal opinions, we decided to jump into the rug hooking market with our newly designed and simplified machine.

Those decisions seem to be way back in our memory now. Meetings with engineers, manufactures, financial institutions, and others seemed to take over the entire process for a while. We began to wonder if Ault’s Wool Fabric Cutting machine and Ault’s Universal Cutter Head,  would ever become a reality.

Now, we are sure it will become a reality. We have our machine and cutterhead pictured on our web site and for the last three weeks we have been taking pre-orders. Pre-ordering will soon come to an end and we will then be able to ship your machines and cutter heads the next day after you order from our web site at .  We will also have machines in the store for customers to test and purchase.

So, remember that day when you heard Townsend was going out of business? Remember how your heart seemed to drop because you needed lots of cutter heads yet? Remember we said to be patient because someone else would probably jump into the manufacturing of cutter heads. Well, that someone is Ault’s. We  proudly announced that our machine and cutter heads are ” Made In Shelby, Ohio”.

If you order now you can have a nice surprise under the Christmas Tree. A new Ault’s Fabric cutting machine with all kinds of cutter heads can fill your rug hooking needs. Merry Christmas!

If you are ready to fill your vacant cutter head sizes, now you can. Our retail price for the Ault’s Universal cutter head is $124.95. And, our new Ault’s Wool Fabric Cutting machine retails for $399.95.

We hope you’ll start re-thinking your cutter head needs and place your order now. You can also call us at 419-347-9957 to discuss our newly designed and simplified machine and then you can place an order.

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